1.       Spicy Thai Platter A combination of Fried Dumpling, Crab Rangoon,                                       11.25

Tofu Fried, Egg Roll, Fried Eggplant                                        

2.      Egg Roll Stuffed with clear noodle, cabbage and carrots                                                          1.60

3.      Fresh Spring Roll Shrimp, carrots, lettuce, basil, and vermicelli                                               2.15   

wrapped in rice paper

4.      Dumpling (Steamed or Fried) Stuffed with pork, mixed vegetables                                          4.75

       and water chestnuts         

5.      Crab Rangoon Wonton wrapper with meat and a blend of imported cheese                                5.95

                  with a hint of curry

6.      Sa-Tah Chicken marinated with coconut milk and curry, served with peanut                            6.95

    sauce and cucumber

7.      Coconut Shrimp Large crispy shrimp in coconut battered, served with                          6.95

                sweet & sour sauce

8.      Fried Calamari Served with sweet & sour sauce                                                                         6.95

9.      Tofu Fried Served with peanut sauce                                                                                        4.95

10.    Deep Fried Eggplant Served with peanut sauce                                                                         5.25

11.     Papaya Salad a Northeast Thai salad of shredded green papaya,                                             6.95 

                         tomatoes and green beans in a tangy dressing



12.   Tom Yum Shrimp Thai’s favorite hot and sour soup with shrimp,                                              3.95

                     mushrooms and flavored of lemon grass

13.  Chicken Coconut Soup Chicken cooked in cream of coconut milk,                                             3.75

                                                   lemon grass, galangals and lime juice 

14.  Vegetable Soup Our fresh garden vegetables with tofu and a touch of                                    3.00

                            well-cooked garlic oil

15.  Dumpling Soup Stuffed dumpling with pork and Chinese cabbage                                             3.50

16.  Roasted Seaweed Soup With shitake mushrooms and tofu                                                      3.50


Noodles and Fried Rice

17.  Pad Thai Rice noodle with shrimps, chickens, egg, peanut and bean sprout                              10.95

18.  Pad Crazy Noodle Spicy rice noodle with shrimp, chicken, vegetable and basil                       10.95

19.  Pad Ba Mee Chicken Stir fried egg noodle with bamboo, mushroom, baby corn,                     10.95

                             carrot, broccoli, basil, green pepper and cabbage                                

21.   Fried Rice with Chicken or Shrimp                                                                                           9.95

22.  Pad Se-ew    Sautéed flat noodles with Chinese broccoli and chicken                                     10.95

Light Dishes

    Low Cal      24. Yum Beef Grilled marinated beef tossed with zucchini, onion, tomato and                            10.95
                                           cilantro mixed with lime dressing                               

                        25. Yum Seafood Marinated shrimp, scallop and squid with zucchini, onion, tomato                    13.95

                                                cilantro with roasted chili paste


                                 Choice of: Chicken, Pork, Beef              10.95 
                                 Choice of: Shrimp, Squid                    11.95

                                 Choice of: Scallop                           12.95

                         26. Panang Curry Panang Curry paste, peanut, broccoli and coconut milk

                         27.  Gang Kari Coconut milk, onion, potato, and yellow curry

                         28.  Gang Emerald (Green Curry) Curry paste, coconut milk, green beans, baby corn,
                                                                                   green pepper and zucchini  

                         29.  Pad Woon Sen stir fried clear noodle with egg, carrot, baby corn, mushrooms and
                                                           green onion

                         30.  Garlic Black Pepper sautéed with garlic and black pepper served with mixed vegetable

                         31.  Sweet Melody Zucchini, tomato, onion, pepper in sweet & sour sauce

                         32. Cashew Nut onions, pepper, scallions and cashew nuts

                         33.   Pad Basil sautéed meat in chili sauce with Thai basil, bamboo shoot, onion and pepper

Chef’s Special

Chef’s favorite      34.  Pataya Chicken chicken on a bed of broccoli topped with our secret                                   12.95
                                                       peanut sauce

Chef’s favorite      35.  Paradise Chicken sautéed chicken, broccolis in sweet chili sauce                                                     12.95

                        36.  Bangkok Chicken chicken with green curry served with fried eggplant                                12.95
                                                         and tortillas

                          37.  Pad Prig Pao Chicken Sauteed with brown chili garlic sauce, cashew nut                             12.95
                                                              and green bean topped with fried hot pepper

                          38. Teriyaki Chicken grilled chicken with house special teriyaki sauce and                                  11.95
                                                             mixed vegetables

                          41. Chu Chi Grouper deep fried grouper fillet, coconut milk broccoli, baby                                 15.95

                                                            corn, and green bean in chu chi sauce

                          42. Chao Phraya Grouper steamed grouper fillet with ginger, black mushroom                           15.95
                                                              and scallion with a touch of Sake

Chef’s favorite       43. Phuket Grouper light deep fried grouper with broccoli, diced green pepper                          15.95
                                                             and onion with house chili sauce

                          44. Pad Cha sautéed catfish with eggplant, krachai, basil and peppers                                         15.95

                          45. Shrimp in Claypot sautéed shrimp, egg, clear noodle, ginger, lemon grass,                             14.95

                                                            celery, mushroom, and scallions

                          46. Seafood Delight sautéed shrimp, squid, scallop, egg, celery, scallion in                                  15.95

                                                          yellow curry sauce


Chef’s favorite      47.  Bangkok Tofu fried tofu with green curry with fried eggplant and tortillas                      11.95

                          48.  Fantasy Tofu steamed firm tofu with ginger, black mushroom and scallion                           9.95

                                                       with the special sauce

                         49.  Panang Tofu fried tofu with curry paste,peanut, broccoli and coconut milk                        9.95                                                        

                          50.  Kari Tofu fried tofu with yellow curry, coconut milk, potato and onion                                 9.95
                          51.  Vegetable Green Curry mixed vegetables with green curry paste,                                      9.95

                                                                        Coconut milk and basil

                          52. Spicy Tofu (comes only hot and very hot) fried tofu with green bean and sautéed               9.95
                                                                                                 in spicy chili garlic and basil
                          53. Basil Eggplant fried eggplant with bamboo, pepper, onion, Thai basil and chili sauce             9.95           

                          54. Paradise Tofu fried tofu, broccoli in sweet chili sauce                                                         9.95           

                          55. Lemon Grass Tofu fried tofu with garlic, lemon grass, onion, and herb sauce                        9.95

                          56. Garlic Black Pepper Vegetable sautéed with garlic and black pepper served with                9.95
                                                                               mixed vegetables

                            57. Basil Vegetable Fried Rice                                                                                                 9.95

                          58. Vegetarian Pad Thai rice noodle with mixed vegetable, egg, peanut and bean sprout            9.95

                          59. Pad Crazy Tofu sautéed flat noodle with tofu, vegetable and basil                                       9.95

                          60. Chu Chi Eggplant deep fried eggplant with Chu Chi curry sauce                                            9.95

                           61. Pad Se-ew Tofu sautéed flat noodle with Chinese broccoli and tofu                                     9.95



                      62. Home Made Coconut Ice Cream                                                              3.95

                          63. Crunchy Banana Coin fresh banana wrapped in egg roll paper, deep fried, and                     2.95
                                                                 topped with honey and sesame seeds

                          64. Black Sticky Rice with caramel coconut topped with coconut pudding                                  3.95

                          65. Banana Combination Homemade coconut ice cream with ½ order of banana coin                    4.75


                      Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-up (No Refills)                                                                                                      1.50

                      Ice Tea, Hot Tea, Hot Coffee                                                                                                          1.50

                      Thai Tea, Thai Ice Coffee                                                                                                                2.50

                      Spring Water                                                                                                                                   1.50

                      Note: 1) Extra Rice is $1.00 per dish

                                  2) Extra Peanut Sauce is $1.00

                                  3) Party of six or more, the service charge will be added 15% of the total bill.